2000 Census

Yakans Dominated Basilan

The total population of Basilan, as of May 1, 2000, was 332,828 persons. This implied an increase of 37,263 persons over the 1995 census figure or an average annual growth rate of 2.58 percent. This was 1.53 percentage points lower than the average growth rate recorded in 1995 (4.1 percent). A corresponding increase on the number of households was also registered, from 55,137 households in 1995 to 61,546 in 2000. This resulted to an average household size of 5.4 persons, higher than the national average of five persons.

Nine Out Of Ten Antiqueños Were Hamtikanons

The province of Antique registered a total population of 472,822 persons in the year 2000, from 431,713 in 1995. This figure gave the province an average annual growth rate of 1.97 percent, from 1.14 percent registered during the 1990 to 1995 period. Similarly, the number of households rose to 93,298, higher by 8,933 households from 1995. This gave an average household size of 5.07 persons, a slight decrease from the 1995 average of 5.11 persons.


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