2016 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI) - Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Sector with Total Employment of 20 and Over : Preliminary Results

The preliminary results of the 2016 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI) reported that there were 1,129 establishments with total employment (TE) of 20 and over in the formal sector and engaged in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing activities.
Among the industries, animal production led the sector with 374 establishments, accounting for 33.1 percent of the total. Growing of non-perennial crops and growing of perennial crops followed with 303 (26.8%) and 192 (17.0%) establishments, respectively.

Performance of Philippine Agriculture, October-December 2016

Agriculture contracted by 1.11 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016. The devastating effects of Typhoons “Karen” and “Lawin” pulled down production in the crops and fisheries subsectors. Meanwhile, the livestock and poultry subsectors posted output increments. At current prices, gross value of agricultural production amounted to P456.4 billion or 1.35 percent higher than the previous year’s record. The annual performance of agriculture was marked by a 1.41 percent decline in output in 2016.

Rice and Corn Situation and Outlook Reports

This is a quarterly report containing estimates of the current quarter and forecasts of the succeeding two (2) quarters on area harvested, production by ecosystem and seed type. The statistics are based on the results of the Palay and Corn Production Survey (PCPS).

Performance of Philippine Agriculture January-March 2016

Agriculture posted a 4.53 percent drop in production in the first three (3) months of 2016. The output increments in the livestock and poultry subsectors were not enough to offset the downturn in the performance of the crops and fisheries subsectors due to prolonged dry spell and damages caused by Typhoons "Lando" and "Nona". Gross earnings amounted to P375.2 billion at current prices or 1.49 percent lower than the last year's level.


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