Agriculture and Fisheries

Special Report - Highlights of the 2012 Census of Agriculture (2012 CA)

The 2012 Census of Agriculture (CA) reported 5.56 million farms/holdings1 covering 7.19 million hectares, which translated to an average area of 1.29 hectares per farm/holding. The number of farms/holdings increased from 1980 to 2012 by 62.6 percent as the average area of farms/holdings decreased from 2.84 hectares per farm/holding in 1980 to 1.29 hectare per farm/holding in 2012. This could be accounted to the partitioning of farms/holdings from one generation of agricultural holders/operators to their succeeding generation.

A Review of the Agricultural Sector in Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

In 2002, the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) registered 248.5 thousand farms for agricultural use, covering 533.4 thousand hectares. The region’s total agricultural land area comprised 25.9 percent of the region’s total land area. As the number of farms increased by 9.2 percent from 227.6 thousand farms in 1991, the farm size however, decreased from 2.5 hectares per farm to 2.1 hectares per farm.

Caraga: Three in Every Ten Households Owned Agricultural Land

As the population of the region grew, the economically active persons (15 to 64 years old) increased by more than nine percent, from 1.07 million persons in 1995 to 1.16 million persons in 2000. They comprised about 56 percent of the total population of the region. In 1995, it was 55 percent. About 41 percent were young dependents (aged 0-14 years) while about 4 percent were old dependents (aged 65 years and over). The overall dependency ratio in 2000 was 80, lower than the 1995 ratio of 82. This meant that for every 100 persons aged 15-64 years, there were about 80 dependents, i.e. 73 young dependents and 7 old dependents.


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