Business and Industry

Census of Philippine Business and Industry



A nationwide comprehensive collection and compilation of statistical information pertaining to business operations of establishments at any time or the whole year.

The collected data from the industrial and nonindustrial sectors of the country's economy constitute reliable bases upon which the government and private sectors formulate economic policies and evolve development plans.

Document type: Book    
Frequency: Every 5 years  
Latest editions: Vol. I Agriculture, Hunting, and Forestry (2000)  
  Vol. II Fishing (2000) - Out of stock  
  Vol. III Mining and Quarrying (2000) - Out of stock  
  Vol. IV Manufacturing (2000)  
  Vol. V Electricity, Gas, and Water (2000) - Out of stock  
  Vol. VI Construction (2000)  
  Vol. VII Wholesale and Retail Trade (2000)  
  Vol. VIII Hotels and Restaurants (2000) - Out of stock  
  Vol. IX Transport, Storage, and Communication (2000) - Out of stock  
  Vol. X Financial Intermediation (2000) - Out of stock  
  Vol. XI Real Estate, Renting, and Business Services (2000) - Out of stock
  Vol. XII Private Education (2000) - Out of stock
  Vol. XIII Health and Social Work (2000) - Out of stock
  Vol. XIV Other Community, Social, and Personal Services (2000) - Out of stock
  Vol. XV All Sectors (2000)
  Vols. I - XV   Also available in CD-PDF (Portable Document Files)


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