2018 Census of Philippine Business and Industry: Real Estate Activities

The industry section on real estate activities (Section L) includes six industry sub-classes covering activities of units acting as lessors, agents, and/or brokers in one or more of the following: selling or buying real estate, renting real estate, providing other estate services such as appraising real estate, or acting as real estate escrow agents. This also includes the building of structures, combined with maintaining ownership or leasing of such structure.

2018 Census of Philippine Business and Industry: Transportation and Storage

Industry Section H includes ten (10) industry groups covering the activities on the provision of passenger or freight transport, whether scheduled or not, by rail, pipeline, road, water or air and associated activities such as terminal and parking facilities, cargo handling, storage etc. Also included in this section are the renting of transport equipment with driver or operator, and the postal and courier activities.

2018 Census of Philippine Business and Industry: Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

The industry section on Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (Section R) includes five industry groups covering the activities to meet varied cultural, entertainment and recreational interests of the general public, including live performances, operation of museums sites, sports, gambling and recreation activities. Establishments engaged in creative, arts and entertainment activities; libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural activities; gambling and betting activities; sports activities; and other amusement and recreation activities.


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