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Commodity Flow in the Philippines : Fourth Quarter 2011 (Preliminary Results)

Quantity and value of domestic trade increases

The total quantity of domestic trade transactions in the fourth quarter of 2011 increased by 26.3 percent, from 4.37 million tons reported during the same period last year to 5.52 million tons. The commodities were traded mostly through water transport systems comprising 99.9 and 99.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011 and 2010, respectively.

Commodity Flow in the Philippines : 1997

Value of domestic trade reaches P307.76 billion

In 1997, the total value of merchandise goods traded within the country amounted to P307.76 billion, posting a slight increase of 1.2 percent from P304.06 billion recorded in the previous year. The quantity also jumped to 26.54 million tons from 1996?s 25.46 million tons.

Volumewise, majority of the traded commodities was composed mainly of mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials with 8.09 million tons or 30.5 percent of the total. Manufactured goods classified chiefly by materials followed at 7.58 million tons (28.6 percent) and food and live animals at 5.02 million tons (18.9 percent).

Commodity Flow in the Philippines : 1998

Value of domestic trade hits P302.50 billion

The total domestic trade for the year 1998 reached P302.50 billion representing a 1.7 percent decline from P307.75 billion recorded last year.

Regionwise, National Capital Region was the biggest source of domestic goods amounting to P71.02 billion or 23.5 percent of the total. This was followed by Central Luzon and Southern Mindanao with 13.0 percent and 11.9 percent, respectively.

Commodity Flow in the Philippines : 1999

Domestic trade at P289.58 billion

The value of domestic trade for the year 1999 dwindles to P289.58 billion representing 4.3 percent decrease from P302.50 billion recorded last year. While quantity also registered a decline of 2.6 percent from 22.14 million tons to 21.56 million tons.

Among the major commodities that flowed through the various parts of the country, food and live animals accounted for more than one-third (P104.17 billion or 36.0 percent) of the total value; followed by mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials with P53.22 billion (18.4 percent). While animal and vegetable oils, fats and waxes registered the least value of P2.70 billion (0.9 percent) only.

Commodity Flow in the Philippines : 2000

Value of domestic trade down at P270.75 billion

In the year 2000, total value of domestic trade decreased by 6.5 percent from P289.58 billion to P270.75 billion. Water transport remains the major mode of transport with 99.7 percent (16.63 million tons) share of the total quantity and 98.9 percent (P267.73 billion) share of the total value. Total quantity traded also declined by 22.6 percent from 21.56 million tons to 16.68 million tons.


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