Income and Expenditure

A Filipino family consumed 8.9 kg of ordinary rice a week in 2006 (Results from the 2006 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES)

According to the 2006 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES), ordinary rice was consumed by approximately 15 million families at an average of 463 kg per family per year or 8.9 kg a week (Table 1). Classified as ordinary rice are regular commercial varieties like C-4, Intan, Macan and IR-8. For special rice, the average consumption by about 4.1 million families consuming it was 329 kg per family annually, or 6.3 kg a week. Special rice includes well-milled commercial varieties of rice like Wag-wag (1st class), Milagrosa, Sinandomeng, Dinorado, 7Tonner and other fancy varieties. On the other hand, the average consumption by approximately 2.2 million families for NFA rice was 255 kg per family per year or 4.9 kg a week.

Average Family Income and Average Family Expenditures (Results from the 2000 Family Income and Expenditure Survey)


  • Average family income for the year 2000 was estimated at P145.1 thousand, up by 16.9 percent over the P123.2 thousand in 1997.

  • Highest average family income for 2000 was reported by NCR with P300.3 thousand. NCR likewise topped in 1997 with P270,993 average family income.


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