Income and Expenditure

Fuel, Light and Water Expenditures Increased in 2000

Total fuel, light and water expenditures was reported at P112.7 billion

In 2000, total family expenditures for fuel, light and water was reported at P112.7 billion, an increase of P38 billion or 50.9 percent from 1997 figure of P74.6 billion. Of this amount, P59.9 billion or 53.2 percent was on electricity expenditures, the highest among the fuel, light, and water expenditure group. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) expenditures ranked second with P20.5 billion or 18.2 percent, while water expenditures (P13.8 billion or 12.3 %) ranked third. On the average, total fuel, light and water expenditures for each family in 2000 was reported at P7,380.

Medical Care Expenditure in 2000 Reached P34.6 Billion (Results from the 2000 Family Income and Expenditures Survey, NSO)

Medical care expenditures increased by 3.7 percent in 2000

Total family expenditures for medical care in 2000 was reported at P34.6 billion increasing by P4.2 billion or higher by 13.7 percent from its P30.4 billion figure in 1997. This translates to P2,660 medical care expenditures for each family in 2000.

Expenditures for drugs and medicines reported the highest percentage with 46.4 percent, hospital room charges with 24.1 percent, medical charges (including doctor's fee) with 21.7 percent, other medical goods such as alcohol, bandage, plaster, etc. with 3.5 percent and the combined expenditures for dental charges, contraceptives, and other medical and health services with only 4.3 percent.


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