LabStat Updates

Labor Turnover Statistics (in large enterprises in Metro Manila) Third Quarter 2015

The Labor Turnover Survey (LTS) is a quarterly sample survey of enterprises conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) since the third quarter of 2002. The survey aims to capture “job creations” and “job displacements” in large business enterprises based in Metro Manila by collecting quarterly data on accessions and separations of workers.
A total of 921 enterprises served as respondents to the Third Quarter 2015 Labor Turnover Survey. The sample enterprises were drawn from the 2013 NCR List of Enterprises of the PSA, which was updated by the 2013 LTS sampling frame. The retrieval rate for this quarter was placed at 99.89%.

SAFETY AND HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE . . . Types of Injury, Parts of the Body Injured, Causes and Agents of Injury (Third of a four-part series)

This series of LABSTAT Updates present statistical briefs on cases of occupational injuries and diseases that affected workers in establishments in 2013. The statistics came from the 2013/2014 Integrated Survey on Labor and Employment (ISLE), formerly BLES Integrated Survey (BITS), conducted in 2014 by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).


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