Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries : July 2006

Value of Production remains at single-digit growth

Value of Production Index (VaPI) for the manufacturing industry recorded a slow growth of 3.0 percent in July 2006 compared with the year-ago figure, according to the preliminary results of the Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries (MISSI). Factory performance of basic metals showed a significant improvement, with 71.7 percent increase, followed by other three (3) major sectors that posted two-digit growth, namely: food manufacturing, footwear and wearing apparel, and fabricated metal products. Refer to Tables 1-A and 1.

Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries : January 2006

Average capacity utilization in January 2006 for total manufacturing was estimated at 80.2 percent. Sectors that registered more than 80% capacity utilization rates were the following: machinery excluding electrical, petroleum products, electrical machinery, paper and paper products, miscellaneous manufactures, rubber products, leather products, basic metals, food manufacturing and chemical products. Refer to Table 6..


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