Population Projections

Gives information about the size, distribution, and composition of the country's future population. Projections for the years indicated are presented by five-year age group and by five-year interval.

Useful in development planning and policy formulation for better provision of basic needs and services.

Document type: book    
Latest editions: Volume I 1995 Census-Based National and Regional Population Projections - presents estimates of the national (1995-2040) and regional (1995-2020) population projections. National projections utilize low, medium, and high fertility assumptions and single mortality assumptions, while regional projections use medium fertility and single mortality assumptions.  
  Volume II 1995 Census-Based National, Regional, and Provincial Population Projections - presents revised National and Regional population projections plus new projections at the provincial level. Unlike Volume I which utilized three (3) varying fertility assumptions (low, medium, and high) at the National level, and only the medium fertility assumption at the Regional level, this volume presents only the medium fertility assumptions at all levels. Volume II, therefore, is an updated and enhanced version of Volume I.  
  Volume III 1995 Census-Based City/Municipal Population Projections - presents the projected population at the city/municipal level based on the results of the 1995 Census of Population. The population projections cover the years 1995 to 2010. The publication also contains the methodology used to understand how the data were estimated.


Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries


Discusses the results of the Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries (MISSI), a special study conducted by the NSO to provide flash indicators on the performance of growth-oriented industries.

Majority of the establishments covered are located in Metro Manila, engaged principally in manufacturing, and belong the country's top 500 corporations. It presents indices on production, employment, and compensation in simple tabular forms.

Document type: Journal
Frequency: Monthly
Latest editions: 2008 - 2009  
  2007 - 2008  
  2006 - 2007  
  2005 - 2006  
  2004 - 2005   Available in CD-PDF (Portable Document Format)


Monthly Bulletin of Statistics


Presents latest available monthly, quarterly and annual data on major economic variables.

Shows data for the past two years with monthly data being presented first before the quarterly data. Revisions made to current series of data are presented in the latest edition of the publication.

Contains a special feature article in every issue and for easy reference, presents a summary of major statistical items which indicates comparative data for the previous month or quarter and for the same period a year ago.

Helps users in determining the levels and trend of the country's economic indicators. For those in the private sector, a useful reference material in planning, organizing, prospecting, and expanding economic activities; for those in the government, a tool in mapping out economic development programs; and for private individuals, a valuable supplement in research work and analytical studies.

Document type: Journal  
Frequency: Monthly  
Latest editions: March 2011 - New!
  February 2011  
  January 2011  
  January - December 2010  
  January - December 2009  
  January - December 2008


Maternal and Child Health Survey

  Presents up-to-date data on prenatal and postpartum care, protection at birth against neonatal tetanus, breastfeeding, and immunization.

It offers facts that are useful in influencing policy makers and program managers on the support needed to effectively implement the health programs of the government.

It involved interviewing all female members aged 15 to 49 years in the sample households in the Labor Force Survey (LFS), who have surviving children below three years of age.

Document type: Book  
Frequency: Every year except when National Demographic
and Health Survey is conducted
No. of Pages
Latest edition: 2002 Final Report 94
  2001 Final Report 75
  2000 Final Report 55
  1997, 1999-2002 Final Report  
     Available in CD-PUF (Public Use File)


Journal of Philippine Statistics


Furnishes data users with statistical information on the socioeconomic development of the country.

Contains statistical series that are updated for continuity and for comparative analysis whenever possible. Tabular data usually cover two or more periods for comparability.

Provides essential information in sectors such as population and housing, labor and employment, education and culture, health, vital statistics, social welfare, community and development, travel and tourism, defense, crime and delinquency, and other social issues.

Presents a special feature article of a more comprehensive coverage in every issue.

Derives data from surveys and censuses conducted by the National Statistics Office and other offices, as well as from administrative records compiled by various agencies.

Document type: Journal  
Frequency: Quarterly  
Latest editions: 3rd Quarter 2009 (Vol. 60, No. 3) - New!
  2nd Quarter 2009 (Vol. 60, No. 2)  
  1st Quarter 2009 (Vol. 60, No. 1)  
  1st - 4th Quarter 2008 (Vol. 59, Nos. 1 - 4)  
  1st - 4th Quarter 2007 (Vol. 58, Nos. 1 - 4)  
  1st - 4th Quarter 2006 (Vol. 57, Nos. 1 - 4)



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