Deadline of Submission of Application/s for the Operation of the Pilot Registration-PhilSys Registry Office (PRO) for NCR, Region III, and Region IV-A

For the information and guidance of all interested applicants, deadline of submission of applicants for Operation of the Pilot Registration – PRO for NCR, Region III, and Region IV-A is extended until 06 March 2020 (Friday), 5:00 pm.

Call for Applicants for the operation of Pilot Registration - PhilSys Registry Office (PRO)

Applicants are required to submit the following requirements: Application letter stating the specific position title; Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (Civil Service Form 212, Revised 2017) with Work Experience Sheet (refer to Guide on filling out Personal Data Sheet); Photocopy of Transcript of Records and Diploma; Photocopy of Proof of CSC/PRC Eligibility; Photocopy of Certificate of Training; Photocopy of Certificate of Experience relevant to the position


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