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Resolution No. 6
Series of 2009

WHEREAS, tourism has a significant role and impact on the social and economic development and environmental and cultural landscape of the country, and is identified as one of the growth strategies in the 2004-2010 Medium-Term... Read more about Resolution No. 6; Series of 2009.

Memorandum Orders

Memorandum Order No. 11
Series of 2003

WHEREAS, the Inter-Agency Committee on the Development of a Satellite Account on Tourism (IACDSAT) was created through NSCB Memorandum Order No. 3, Series of 1997 to oversee the development of a... Read more about Memorandum Order No. 11; Series of 2003.

Memorandum Order No. 3
Series of 1997

WHEREAS, the NSCB is mandated to develop socio-economic frameworks including satellite accounts on tourism, labor, health and education for effective planning and policy formulation;

... Read more about Memorandum Order No. 3; Series of 1997.

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Primer on Philippine Tourism Satellite Accounts

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Given the importance of tourism in the overall economic growth in the country, one would wonder how much income does tourism bring into the country. In response to this, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)  and the Department of Tourism (DOT) are closely working together to measure the contribution of tourism in the economy through the institutionalization of the PTSA.