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Major Vegetables and Root Crops Quarterly Bulletin, April-June 2023

  • Production of cabbage during the second quarter of 2023 was registered at 23.33 thousand metric tons. This represents a decrease of -4.5 percent from the 24.44 thousand metric tons recorded output in the same quarter of 2022.

  • CAR was the leading producer of cabbage with 18.50 thousand metric tons or 79.3 percent share to the total production during the quarter. This was followed by Central Visayas with 1.38 thousand metric tons or 5.9 percent share.

  • The January to June 2023 area harvested for cabbage was estimated at 2.94 thousand hectares. This was 0.6 percent higher than the same period of previous year’s level of 2.92 thousand hectares.