Major Vegetables and Root Crops Quarterly Bulletin, April - June 2018

April 2018 to June 2018


  • In April to June 2018, eggplant production increased to 103.08 thousand metric tons from its 2017 level of 99.49 thousand metric tons, or by 3.6 percent. The improvement in output was due to the following factors:
    • more and bigger fruits harvested in Ilocos Region due to control of fruit fly and aphids and in Central Luzon due to use of high yielding varieties coupled with sufficient use of fertilizer; and
    • increased area planted in Western Visayas due to continuous demand and in Central Luzon due to better price.
  • Ilocos Region, the biggest producer, shared 61.65 thousand metric tons or 59.8 percent of the total eggplant production this quarter. This was followed by Cagayan Valley with 8.9 percent share and Western Visayas, 6.7 percent.