Vital Statistics

Latest Release

The preliminary number of registered deaths from January to June 2020 reached 259,426 and was lower than the registered deaths in the same months of 2019, numbering at 309,010. The gaps from the registered deaths in the same months of the previous year were lowest in February (45,730 in 2020 vs. 48,806 in 2019 or a 3,076 difference) followed by January (53,078 in 2020 vs. 57, 704 in 2019 or a 4,626 difference).

Reported deaths in 2018 reached 590,709, an increase of 2.0 percent from the previous year’s 579,237 deaths. This is equivalent to a crude death rate (CDR) of 5.6, or about six (6) persons per thousand population. In 2018, an average of 1,618 persons died daily. This translates to 67 deaths per hour or one (1) per minute.

In 2018, a total of 1,668,120 live births were registered, which is equivalent to a crude birth rate (CBR) of 15.8 or 16 births per thousand population.

Technical Notes on Vital Statistics

Vital statistics are derived from information obtained at the time when the occurrences of vital events and their characteristics are inscribed in a civil register.