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Live Births: Philippines 2007

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Release Date: 02 July 2011

Explanatory Notes:

Data on births in this special release were obtained from the Certificates of Live Birth (Municipal Form 102), which were transmitted by the City/Municipal Civil Registrars all throughout the country to the National Statistics Office. Statistics presented include only those births which occurred in 2007 and were registered from January 2007 to March 2008. Births that were registered after March 2008 and those that were not registered at all were not included.

Registered live births in 2007 increase by 5.2 percent

There were 1,749,878 live births registered in 2007. The figure is higher by 86,849 or 5.2 percent from the 1,663,029 live births reported in 2006.

Of the total registered live births, 911,309 or 52.1 percent were males and 838,669 or 47.9 percent were females. Sex ratio for the year was 109 males per 100 females.

Among the 17 regions in the country, the National Capital Region recorded the highest number of birth occurrences of about 269,825 or (15.4%). Second in rank was CALABARZON 257,852 (14.7%) and the third was Central Luzon with 203,358 (11.6%). On the extreme, the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao recorded the lowest number registered live births of only 16,249 (0.9%).

Teenage mother is almost five times greater than teenage father

There were reportedly 173,282 (9.9%) mothers under 20 years old who gave birth in 2007. Said number is almost five times more than teenage fathers of only 36,203 (2.1%).

On the contrary, fathers (372,744 or 21.3%) in the age group 30-34 outnumbered mothers (330,699 or 18.9%) in the same age group by 42,045 births.

Median age was 27 years for mothers and 31 years for fathers. This could mean that females become parents at an earlier age than males.

Crude Birth Rate is 19.7 per thousand population

The crude birth rate for 2007 was 19.7 per 1,000 population. The CBR for male was 20.4, higher than the female CBR of only 19.0.

Across the country, the National Capital Region recorded the highest CBR of 24.3. On the contrary, ARMM was the lowest with only 4.9.

Illegitimate children is highest in Luzon

Among the three major island groups in the country, Luzon accounted for more than half of babies born from unmarried couples. Visayas and Mindanao shared only 19.2% and 16.2% respectively, to the total number of children born illegitimate in 2007.

Menawhile, nearly half (125,646 or 46.6%) of the 269,825 total recorded births in the National Capital Region were born from unwed parents. Thus, NCR was on top of the list among regions with the highest number of children born illegitimate.

On the other end, 15,356 or 94.5 percent out of the total 16,249 babies born in Caraga were legitimate. Second to Caraga, in terms of highest percentage of legitimate children at birth among all regions, was Cagayan Valley with 49,957 or 78.3 percent of 63,803 total births in the region.




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