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Marriages declined by two percent in 2010

Reference Number: 2011-078
Release Date: 17 October 2011


Total number of marriages in 2010 declined by 2.0 percent

There were 482,480 marriages that were recorded in 2010 showing a decline of 2.0 percent from previous year’s (2009) figure of 492,254 marriages.

The biggest decline was recorded in ARMM with 46.7 percent decrease. This was followed by Region IVB-MIMAROPA and Region IX-Zamboanga Peninsula with 14.4 and 14.1 percent decrease, respectively. On the other hand, six out of the 17 regions had an increase from previous year’s number with Region VIII-Eastern Visayas showing the highest increase of about 15.8 percent.

February is the favorite month for wedding

The biggest proportion of marriages was recorded in the month of April with 55,705 or 11.5 percent. However, couples in the Philippines opted to get married during the love month - February. During this month, there was a daily average of 1,909 marriages recorded while April recorded a daily average occurrence of 1,857. December, which was the favorite month of marriage last year, ranked third this year with a daily average of 1,738 marriages.

Women prefer to marry at an earlier age than men

The median age for brides was 25.1 while for grooms was 27.9. Three out of ten brides married at the age group 25-29. Moreover, one-third of the total grooms were also at age group 25-29.

Teenage brides four times more than teenage grooms

The number of teenage brides (62,812 or 13.0%) was four times more than the number of teenage grooms (14,193 or 2.9%). On the contrary, at age 50 years old and over, the number of grooms (16,546 or 3.4%) was more than twice the number of brides (7,070 or 1.5%).

Four out of ten marriages are contracted under civil rites

Marriages performed in civil rites continued to top the list among all types of marriage ceremony. This year, marriage under civil rites recorded 209,952 or 43.5 percent of the total marriages. Marriages solemnized under Roman Catholic ceremony covered 35.0 percent of the total, while one-fifth of the total marriage proportion was solemnized by other religious rites (including Muslim) (100,057 or 20.7%). Moreover, it is an interesting fact that there were 3,242 marriages solemnized under tribal rites.

Data on marriages presented in this release were obtained from the second copy of the marriage certificates (Municipal Form No. 97) that were registered at the Office of the City/Municipal Civil Registrars all throughout the country and forwarded to the National Statistics Office. Figures presented include only those marriages which occurred in 2010 and were registered from January 2010 to March 2011. Figures presented are not adjusted for underregistration.


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