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Deaths: Philippines 2007

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Release Date: 10 March 2011

Deaths: Philippines 2007

Presented in this special release are data on deaths occurring in 2007 and registered from January 2007 to March 2008. Death refers to the permanent disappearance of all evidence of life at any time after birth has taken place. It is a postnatal cessation of vital functions without capability of resuscitation, thus, fetal death is not included. Place of occurrence refers to the place where vital event took place, while usual residence refers to the place where the deceased had habitually or permanently resided while still alive. Statistics for this vital event are based on information obtained from the Death Certificates (Municipal Form No. 103) transmitted by the City/Municipal Civil Registrars to the Office of the Civil Registrar General for  processing and archiving. No adjustments for under-registration were made in the analysis.

NCR reports the highest number of deaths
In 2007, the total number of deaths registered in the country was 441,956 resulting to a crude death rate of 5.1 per thousand population.
Male deaths (258,178) outnumbered female (183,778) deaths. Sex ratio for the year was 141 males per 100 females.
The top three regions in terms of the number of deaths were in Luzon-- National Capital Region (NCR) (63,302 or 14.3%); CALABARZON (62,269 or 14.1%) and Central Luzon (51,552 or 11.7%). The combined share of deaths of these three regions was equivalent to 40.1 percent of the total.

January records the biggest number of deaths
The month of January recorded the highest number of deaths with 39,720 or a 9.0 percent share of the national total. On the extreme end, the month of February recorded the least percentage share of only 7.8 or 34,660 deaths.
As expected, January garnered the highest daily average of 1,281 fatalities. It was followed by December with 1,251. The month of February, which contributed the least number of deaths, ranked third in terms of daily average with 1,238. On the contrary, March recorded the smallest number of deaths daily with only 1,145
Half of the months (6 out of 12) of the year showed higher daily indices than the national average. These were January (105.8), December (103.3), February (102.2), July (101.7), September (101.3) and November (100.9).
Nearly one-fifth of deaths occur at ages 80 and over
The highest total of 79,060 (17.9%) of deaths occurred in the age group 80 and over. Six out of ten (47,097 or 59.6%) deaths in this age group were females. It was the only age group where females outnumbered males (31,963 or 40.4%) in terms of death. Following on second place, with 42,572 (9.6%) deaths was at age group of 70-74.
Median age of death for females was 67.6 while for males was 58.9.
About seven out of ten deaths are not attended by medical authorities
Out of the 441,956 deaths recorded in 2007, only 151,826 or 34.4 percent were attended by medical authorities. The remaining 290,130 or 65.6 percent did not get medical attendance.
Among the regions, NCR was the only region where most of the recorded deaths were medically attended (38,721 or 54.7%). Most deaths recorded in the rest of the regions were not attended by medical authorities.

Bicol Region reportedly had the highest percentage of deaths that were not medically attended. From its total number of 29,592 deaths, 22,376 or 75.6 percent did not get medical attendance. A slight difference was noted in Eastern Visayas wherein 14,058 or 74.2 percent out of 18,954 recorded deaths were not medically attended.


Disease of the heart consistently the top cause of death

Diseases of the heart accounted for 88,314 or 20.0 percent of the total deaths (441,956) reported in 2007. Almost three out of five who died (50,086 or 56.7%) of the disease were males. Second and third in rank were cerebrovascular diseases (48,969 or 11.1%) and malignant neoplasm (44,399 or 10.0%).

​Fatalities among males due to the ten leading causes of deaths were observed to be higher than females except those caused by pneumonia.

The ten leading causes of deaths comprised 320,640 or 72.6 percent of the total deaths in 2007.







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