Marriage: Philippines 2011

Reference Number: 2013-029
Release Date: 27 March 2013

Registered marriages in 2011 drop by 1.3 percent

There were 476,408 marriages registered in 2011 showing a decline of 1.3 percent from the previous year’s figure of 482,480. Since 2009, the number of registered marriages in the country has been declining.

The biggest decrease in the number of recorded marriages was in Eastern Visayas (Region VIII) at 18.8 percent. This was followed by Bicol and Caraga Regions with 9.2 and 7.9 percent decrease, respectively. On the other hand, number of marriages in ARMM increased by 79.7 percent compared with the previous year.

February is the favorite month for wedding

With a daily average of 1,799 marriages, February remained the favorite month for couples to tie the knot. However, the highest number of marriage occurred in the month of May with 55,529 or 11.7 percent of the total. April managed to rank fifth in 2011, with a daily average of 1,496 marriages, despite ranking first in 2010. August remained the least favored month for marriage as it accounted for only 24,763 marriages or a daily average of 799.

Women prefer to marry at an earlier age than men

There was a disparity between men and women when it comes to marrying age. The median age for brides was 25.3 while 28.0 for grooms showing that women prefer to marry at an earlier age than men. The highest number of brides who got married was seen at age group 20-24, while for grooms it was in age group 25-29.

It was observed that marriage involving teenage brides (58,320 or 12.2%) was more than four times compared to those with teenage grooms (12,882 or 2.7%). There were also registered marriages with grooms 50 years and older. Number of men who settled down at age 50 and over (16,585 or 3.5%) was more than twice that of women (7,012 or 1.5%) of the same age group.

Four out of ten marriages are contracted through civil rites

Marriage ceremonies performed through civil rites reportedly got the highest proportion among all types of marriage ceremony.  Civil marriages accounted for 202,614 or 42.5 percent of the total marriages.  Roman Catholicism, being one of the most influential religions in the country remained to be the second in the list with recorded marriages of 171,046 or 35.9 percent of the total marriages.  Marriages contracted through other religious rites including Muslim accounted for about 20.8 percent while there were 3,167 marriages solemnized under tribal rites.




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