Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

PANDACAN - Code:133912000

(2015 Census)
38 Barangays87,405
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Barangays in PANDACAN

There are 38 barangays as of 31 March 2021.

(2015 Census)
Barangay 833133912001Urban1,669
Barangay 834133912002Urban1,618
Barangay 835133912003Urban2,675
Barangay 836133912004Urban5,953
Barangay 837133912005Urban3,218
Barangay 838133912006Urban3,073
Barangay 839133912007Urban1,819
Barangay 840133912008Urban2,554
Barangay 841133912009Urban2,191
Barangay 842133912010Urban3,941
Barangay 843133912011Urban5,462
Barangay 844133912012Urban5,273
Barangay 845133912013Urban1,939
Barangay 846133912014Urban2,002
Barangay 847133912015Urban3,188
Barangay 848133912016Urban1,295
Barangay 849133912017Urban2,670
Barangay 850133912018Urban2,257
Barangay 851133912019Urban1,142
Barangay 852133912020Urban1,084
Barangay 853133912021Urban569
Barangay 855133912023Urban1,760
Barangay 856133912024Urban2,089
Barangay 857133912025Urban1,860
Barangay 858133912026Urban580

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